Who knows what strategy will be used by Luis Milla, from 20 players selected there is only one striker who was called. Lerby Eliandry becomes the only striker in the friendly match against Cambodia.

Actually there is another player with attacking instinct that called to join, he is Irfan Bachdim. But this Bali United player is inclined to down to the side of the opponent's defense by picking up the ball in the middle. As a result, only Lerby who is really striker position after Boaz Solossa who was not called.

Being the only striker to be called, Lerby has a great chance to perform since the early minutes. Especially Luis Milla often use the formation 4-2-3-1. Have the opportunity to appear as starter, Lerby claimed ready to exert all the energy. But he stil does not know whether he will really play from the early minutes or not.

"Me as a player will just following the training maximally, followed all the direction according to the strategy, but whether I will play as the starter or not, it's the coach team's business," Lerby said.

Little obstacles that experienced by Lerby only the lack of recovery time. Because, before the match against Cambodia tonight, Lerby had a match with Borneo FC to challenge Barito Putera (10/1).

But about the stamina, Lerby admitted that does not become a serious obstacle. For him, it is usual to undergo a tight match schedule like in the league. "The most important thing is to keep the diet and enough rest time, the rest are ready to compete," he added.

Hosting Cambodia, Lerby has no special ambitions. Even for scoring matters, his personal ego he set aside. "I just want to bring the Indonesian national team to win, I can score a goal or not, whoever play, we need to support them" he ended. (ABI/KOK)