Having a week-long game break, Borneo FC Samarinda has enough time to maximize preparation for the match against PSM Makassar on October 8th. In order to maintain the fitness of the main team, the coach team gave full resting time to some players who played in the match against Barito Putera three days ago.

The assistant coach of Borneo FC Samarinda, Ahmad Amiruddin said, the squad immediately train at the Stadium Segiri, yesterday. However, not all of them accepted the training drills given by the team coach.

"The main team in the match against Barito Putera were given a full resting time, the exercise is only for players who did not play in the previous match and intended to maintain their fitness" said Amir.

Initially, yesterday's exercise schedule was done in the afternoon. But because there is a final of Cup U-15 Danrem Cup 2017, the training was done in the evening.

Amir added that, the condition of all players is in a fit condition. But some are still exhausted because they just arrived in Samarinda two days ago.

"Insyaallah the programs still run well.Tomorrow (today) all the players have been training and preparing for the match simulation," he explained.

Hosting PSM Makassar at Segiri Stadium, Amir said his team would be better prepared. Therefore, the team does not have to go to Bontang to do their home match in Bontang. On the other hand, the squad will be full because all the players are in the dorm.

"There are no restrictions on quotas such as in tours, players who are absent due to the cards accumulation are also absent, so all players can perform," he concluded. (ABI/KOK)