Pesut Etam Junior finally had their first defeat in the competition of Liga 1 U-19 in their away match to Perseru Serui U-19 in Serui, Papua. Borneo FC U-19 was defeated 2-1 from the hosting team, Perseru Serui on Wednesday (10/4) afternoon, before having previously been unbeaten in eight games.

Two of Perseru Serui's quick goals made Borneo FC players to be mentally down.

This was proven from the undeveloped performance of
Borneo FC Junior match and many fundamental mistakes perpetrators of Pesut Etam at the interval of the first half and exploited by the home side to continue to attack the Borneo FC U-19 defense.

After the break, Borneo FC Junior actually appeared more spartan, a number of chances successfully created by the players but has not been able to scored into goals until Dody Alfayed managed to minimize lag in 72 minutes. Hard shooting from the right side can not be driven by Perseru's goalkeeper.

Still left behind 2-1 Junior Pesut appeared to be more attacking again. Opportunity gold successfully in can at 88 minutes when Andrian Khoirul already facing 1 on 1 with Perseru goalkeeper, but unfortunately the ball can be driven.

Until the referee Ali Mustofa from Denpasar blew the final whistle to the end of the game, the score remained 1-2. After the match, in a press conference session, assistant coach Borneo FC U-19, Febi Aji revealed that his team missed two quick goals from Perseru U-19.

"We will do an evaluation of the results of this match and hopefully the future can be better again," added this 26-year-old man.

Habibi who was representing the player also said, "This result is a lesson for our team to know what the shortcomings of us so that the future can perform better," he said. (OZAN/KOK)