The schedule of Borneo FC Samarinda U-19 to hosting Thailand U-19 closer. Both team is scheduled to depart to Samarinda in a matter of days. Previously, they first dueled with the Indonesian national team U-19.

President of Borneo FC Nabil Husein Said Amin said, as many as 30 people who became part of Thailand U-19 ready to be welcomed. Consists of 23 players and the rest of the officials and team coach.

Playing a game in Samarinda, certainly not free. Nabil as president of the club with a big soul to bear all the costs of accommodation for their opponent.

"We cover all the costs of bringing Thailand U-19 to Samarinda include lodging and training facilities in Samarinda," said Nabil.

Although the responsibility is belonged to the management of Pesut Etam, Nabil does not feel burdened at all. Therefore, it will entertain the public of Samarinda through football match.

"It is such an honor for Borneo FC and the city of Samarinda to be trusted to host a guest from another country," he said.

Nabil also added that the intention of having a friendly match against Thailand U-19 is for the development of the young Borneo FC themselves. Pesut Etam Junior can get some lesson and get precious experiences through this match against Thailand U-19, it will be good for them before they continue to compete in the big eight of the competition Liga 1 for U-19.

"Moreover, Thailand U-19 was the winner of AFF Cup U-18. There must be a lot to learn from them. Besides, the match will also be an entertainment for the people of Samarinda who are longed to see an international match to be held in Samarinda," he ended. (ABI/KOK)