Hosting PSM Makassar on October 8th, Borneo FC Samarinda will perform with full strength. Sultan Samma who was absent in the last match will come back and is ready to play. Similarly, Abdul Aziz who was not included in the away tour against Barito Putera means another options in midfield.

One of Borneo FC Samarinda's source of strength is in the midfield. Especially when playing at home match, it is difficult for opponents to develop their game. The numbers of midfielder owned by Borneo FC also make it easy to the coach teams put on the formation for the line up.

Flavio Beck Junior is the most charismatic figure. He is the only midfielder who has the achievement of playing over 2,000 minutes. The most prolific player with five goals.

But the role of Flavio has been considered normal. With his foreign status, the burden he carried is in accordance with its capacity. Now it is Sultan's turn who is expected to be a differentiator in the match against PSM Makassar. "Sultan is a great player. His role is more as a substitute but always a differentiator, "said Ahmad Amiruddin, assistant coach of Borneo FC Samarinda.

This season, Sultan played 17 times as a substitute. Most of the other teammates. Achievement was proved by a record one goal and one assist. Sultan's greatness is hard to resist. But the quality he has inclined to happen in the second round. As a result, team coaches more often to choose to put him in after the break time of the match.

"If playing from the early minutes, the performance of Sultan is flat. If given the value of seven, so difficult to ride. But if you put him in on the second half, the value can rise drastically to nine," added Amir.

Quoting on what coach Amir said, it is clear why Sultan often played in the second round. But against PSM, it is possible if this 31-year old player that started to play since the early minutes.

"All depends on the readiness of players and strategies applied. We definitely use the best," said Amir.

He added that, not many players in Indonesia like Sultan. In addition to humble, the former Sriwijaya FC has not much to complain when on pitch. Even during the training he always shows good performance. (ABI/KOK)