Since the control of the team is held by coach Iwan Setiawan, the players' rotation in Borneo FC Samarinda often goes well.

Even Febri Setiadi Hamzah who never appeared in the first round, got hours playing. Now only one player left that has not got a chance to play, he is Arthur Irawan.

Arthur's arrival in mid-season has not been maximally utilized. Not because of poor performance. But he has not been trusted to play even once.

In fact, Arthur has a lot of experiences. Start his career since the age of eight years, he had attracted the attention of Manchester United academy. However his professional career started with Espanyol B and Malaga B.

The coaches team actually admire the figure of Arthur. But when projected to be a wing defender, apparently the player is inclined to play in midfield. Therefore the opportunity to play difficult even though several times into the backup line up.

"The midfield rivalry is very heavy - there are Flavio Beck Junior, Asri Akbar and Sultan Samma, a difficult choice to rotate," said Ahmad Amiruddin, Borneo FC Samarinda Assistant Coach.

Previously, Arthur imported to patch up the wing defender. Diego Michiels who got sanctioned must be absent for a long time. Unfortunately, until Diego returned to play, Arthur failed to appear.

Amiruddin added, the policy of featuring players is pure from head coach. Despite Arthur's qualified ability, however, it is recognized that it is difficult to provide a major opportunity.

"Actually we always take Arthur in our away tour, maybe stay waiting for the right time to appear, because in the training he is also good," said Amir.

Arthur himself was initially determined to get more playing hours. "I want to give an achievement to Borneo FC Samarinda, whether it is shown or not, it is the right of coach but I will always be ready if I get trusted to play," Arthur said some time ago.

Many peoples are curious about Arthur's performance. Remember his experience that have played abroad, it is too bad if letting him only sitting on the bench. (ABI/KOK)