Having a game break for a week, Borneo FC Samarinda have enough time to maximize preparation ahead of the match against PSM Makassar opponent on Sunday (10/8). In addition, no injured players and the accumulation of cards making Pesut Etam ready to be all out in the clash against PSM Makassar.

Assistant Coach of Borneo FC Samarinda, Ahmad Amiruddin said, hosting PSM at Segiri Stadium, his team would be better prepared. Therefore, the team does not have to go to Bontang to have the home match ban.

Plus, there is enough time after the previous match against Barito Putera. "So we can prepare the team to be able to restore the fitness condition of the team," said Amir, his familiar greeting.

By playing in Segiri, then the squad will be full because all players are in Samarinda. Moreover, players in prime condition so far and no one undergoes the cards accumulation. "So there are no quota restrictions such as in the tour, we can prepare the team until the game. Moreover, all players can perform, the composition can be sorted out, "he said.

On the training on yesterday afternoon was still the same as the previous training. The sharpening of the game transition through small set of games still continues to be applied to Yamashita and his teammates. But this time the focus of the training has entered to the tactical phase. Last training was to sharpen the attacker's pounding power, it was a practice menu at the end of the session.

Amir added that, currently he is very proud of the condition of all players who are so fit. Even a few days ago, although just come back from playing against Barito Putera some players still direct practice. He considered this is a sign if the condition of his players can appear all out when entertaining the upcoming PSM. "Inshaallah the program will keep running and we will continue to prepare the team to face the opponent later," he said.

Concerning to the strategy and tactical preparations, he did not want to disclose it. But the 36-year-old coach has made sure the coaching staff has prepared a strategy to muffle 3the performance PSM Makassar. "We continue to analyze the opponent's performance and we have found the right way to handle it. But it can not be mentioned now, " Amir ended. (HFZ/KOK)