The threat of strike to compete in the 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1 from 15 football clubs is not a mere figment. These 15 football clubs have agreed to strike if the league operator still ignoring their complaints.

Borneo FC Samarinda became one of the foremost teams that demanding justice. The President of Borneo FC Samarinda, Nabil Husein Said Amin said that the majority of football club's officials in this country did not get their transparency rights of the management of the competition.

Starting from the number of sponsors, share broadcast rights, and budget usage. On that basis, initiated to take serious action to address the problems that occur.

"Borneo FC Samarinda is demanding the same thing as another team. We hope there will be a positive feedback from the league operators, "Nabil said.

In this season, Pesut Etam has become one of the most disadvantaged clubs. Especially in the first round, the division of the match schedule is not balanced between the home and the away. Minor results were eventually more obtained when away.

Not just a match schedule, Borneo FC Samarinda must wait until the fifth week to get a live broadcast quota. Together with Perseru Serui at that time, both teams never aired while competing.

"But I do not want to discuss about that any further. Let the league operator reflect and introspect themselves. Hopefully the competition can be better in the future, " hoped Nabil.

The Arabian-blooded man added that the threat of a strike was not just a bluff. If the league operators are still being indifferent, it is not impossible that the undesired will be realized. "There are 15 clubs threatening a strike. This means the majority of teams agreed to need improvement," he ended. (AHS/KOK)