The striker of Borneo FC Samarinda, Lerby Eliandry has been in Samarinda since Friday afternoon yesterday, he even has been joining the training with other players.

This 25-year-old player from Samarinda has returned after being called to join Indonesia senior national team in the friendly match against Cambodia. Now he is ready to help Borneo FC victory.

As a striker, Lerby is indeed very reliable for Borneo FC this season as a goal machine. His good performance also made the Indonesian national team coach, Luis Milla paid attention to him. Facing PSM Makassar, Lerby was ready to return to show his best performance. "I definitely try my best and will show the best," said Lerby, shortly after practice.

He also admitted there are no obstacles about fitness or injury, although he had just come back from playing with the national team. He has guaranteed that he will perform optimally in tomorrow match. "I as a player will certainly play all out. I am ready and the condition was fit no injury," he said.

This player with squad number 12 added, he did not want to assess the strength of the opposing team. Because according to him, if he and his teammates appear with unity with the same spirit then the victory was not difficult to achieve. "So far, we continue to keep the cohesiveness of the team, all players are currently in a good situation," he explained.

So he was not too keen to score goals tomorrow afternoon. For Lerby, the team's victory is far more important than scoring the ball into the opponent's goal. But if there was a chance, he promised never to miss it. "I will do my best. If given a chance to score a goal I would do, but most importantly the team can win first," he said. (HFZ/KOK)