The match against PSM Makassar is in sight, the preparation of Borneo FC Samarinda also looks more serious. The training session that held on yesterday afternoon seemed already entered into the tactical session and sharpening the playing scheme. It showed that Borneo FC want to play the game with high tempo.

If looking at the training session yesterday afternoon, Borneo FC practiced the simulation games with the a quick game and always push the ball forward.

The ball circulation from the defense to the forward is requested quickly and precisely. The players were asked not to hold the ball while the wing and full back players are asked to keep moving.

The assistant Coach of Borneo FC, Ahmad Amiruddin repeatedly shouted to give direction to the players. The forward player was asked to keep moving and open the space for the middle players can give assist. "Prioritize the ball forward. Do not stay too long with the ball," shouted Amir in the middle of the field.

From the practice on yesterday afternoon, it was very apparent if the coaching staff asked Yamashita Kunihiro and his friends to be able to play with high tempo. Perhaps this is also considered to be a powerful weapon to muffle the performance of PSM Makassar.

Meanwhile, when raising the defense, the Borneo FC squad will apply the marking zone. Tight pressing is only done when the opposing player holds the ball in a certain area. Furthermore, once the ball is seized new players are required to open space and build attacks quickly. "We will try all the playing schemes, obviously we want the team can be better prepared in the game later," said Amir.

In addition, the squad of Pesut Etam also trained to do shoots on goal. Practicing the sharpness of all players from various opportunities that exist if Borneo FC wants maximum results facing PSM Makassar. "We have to play effectively in the match against PSM, because the quality of the opponent is very good this time," he said.

As known before, this club from South Sulawesi is currently on the top with a good performance this year. Even PSM Makassar seeks to pick up points at the Segiri Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Juku Eja's performance is now changed drastically after formulated by Robert Rene Alberts. The mastery of the ball and build a neat attack is often shown in each match. (HFZ/KOK)