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Borneo FC vs PSM Makassar: If Win, Hundreds Million of Bonuses Awaiting

Borneo FC vs PSM Makassar
If Win, Hundreds Million of Bonuses Awaiting

08/10/2017 14:58 WITA

The prestigious match will be hold in Segiri Stadium, Samarinda between Borneo FC vs PSM Makassar
Photo: Fachrul B. Pratama

Borneo FC Samarinda are fully determined to break PSM's record of unbeatable in the second round of the league. The squad of Pesut Etam are on their revenge mission to pay for their lost to PSM in the first round of the league where they were defeated 1-0 through a penalty kick.

To achieve these targets, Borneo FC prepare carefully. This game itself will be held on Sunday (10/8) afternoon at the Segiri Stadium, Samarinda.

"PSM is one of the unbeaten teams in the second round and we need to work hard to break their record, but this is our home and we will try hard to win the match against PSM For the people of Samarinda, we really need your support," said Asri Akbar, the Borneo FC midfielder.

The same thing is also expressed by the Assistant Coach Ahmad Amiruddin, he explained victory is a must. "Our preparation went smoothly, physical techniques are all the way we expected. And we want PSM to reap their first defeat in this second round in Samarinda, "he said.

Asked about the composition of the team, Ahmad Amiruddin explained all his players are ready to fight. For that he hopes his team can perform discipline throughout the game. "We know that PSM has a strong midfield, but it depends on how the boys play on the pitch, who is more focused on him who will have a chance to win," he explained.

On the other hand, if managed to beat PSM Makassar bonus of hundreds of millions from the management prepared for the squad of Pesut Etam. Farid Abubakar disclosed, this is intended to motivate Lerby Eliandri and his team mates.

"Yes, the management preparing big bonus if win (opponent PSM), even this is bigger than the previous match bonus. Bonus measured how many goals are created, if you win one-goal margin, two-goal margin onwards, the bonus value doubled, "said Farid. (ANZ)

Gojek Traveloka Liga 1
Kamis, 19 Oktober 2017
Kickoff 19.00 WITA

Borneo FC


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Stadion Segiri, Samarinda

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