The 3-2 victory of Borneo FC Samarinda over their opponent PSM Makassar in the 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1 in Segiri Stadium, Samarinda on Sunday (10/8) afternoon took the squad of Pesut Etam to revenge on their defeat from PSM Makassar in the first round.

These positive results are also greeted happily by thousands of Pusamania supporters who were attending the game. The same reaction was shown by Borneo FC's assistant coach, Ahmad Amiruddin.

The coach who was appointed as a caretaker to replace the head coach, Iwan Setiawan who was serving the punishment seemed the most happy. He considered, the duel against PSM Makassar is a game full of emotional and full of prestige.

"Of all our one-year Borneo FC matches together, the fight against PSM today is the most exciting. I am grateful for this result. And I appreciate the players who fought hard and perform optimally, this victory is very special, "said the former bomber of Arema Indonesia.

But when confirmed about his positive record when in control of the team, Amir said that the success of the team to win the match is not just because of him. As known, while still under the control of Dragan Djukanovic, Amir also successfully run the mandate as a team caretaker when the head coach was sentenced.

"I just run the direction from the head coach. Alhamdulillah the team can apply the field well, so that positive results can we achieve, "said coach licensed C AFC it.

On the other hand, this 34-year-old coach did not deny if his feelings raged. Because the opponent of Borneo FC this time is a team that he once defended. But Amir still be professional, he felt that he is proud to win over PSM Makassar.

"It's a bit difficult. Because I'm big in PSM, but I am now working for Borneo FC, so I need to be professional. And I firmly hold the attitude of the Bugisnese people, where the earth is rested there sky is upheld, "he added.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Amiruddin is reluctant to talk about the performance of the referee who led this fight. "As long as I am a player until I am now a coach, I do not want to comment on their performance, for me, it is better that if we just leave the referee issue to the committee, because there is already a path," said Ahmad Amiruddin. (ANZ) (ANZ)