Borneo FC U-19 was held to a 1-1 draw by PSM Makassar U-19 in the last match of group qualification of Group 3 of Liga U-19 in Andi Mattalatta on Monday (10/9) afternoon.

Borneo FC's only goal was scored by Dody Al Fayed in the 58th minute. Lucky for PSM U-19 who was awarded a penalty after Ayyub Iwangin dropped in the forbidden box at the end of the fight. Muhammad Fauzan who advanced as executor, successfully converted into a goal in the 92nd minute of the match. The score 1-1 draw close the game.

Borneo FC's coach, Ricky Nelson, said he was satisfied with the result because the composition of players who are the backup players. Ricky wants to make the remaining two games as an evaluation event ahead of appearing in the big eight of Liga U-19.

"Since we qualified for the big eight in the eighth match, we focused on giving more minutes play to build mentally playing players who rarely perform. In principle, we are setting up more survive for learning in the game away," he explained.

The draw result made Borneo FC to the top of Group 3 with 21 points, resulting in 6 wins, three draws and one defeat. Young Pesut entitled to advance to the round of eight U-19 League, making Borneo FC will increase the strength of his team.

"There are some new players we will try in the match against Thailand U-19. We will return tomorrow to Samarinda and face Thailand. There we will get a picture of the team for the big eight," said Ricky. (O24/KOK)