The victory of Borneo FC Samarinda in their home match against PSM Makassar two days ago was resulted a victim. Wahyudi "Tole" Hamisi got injured in his ankle. This 20-years old player is doubted to be played in the match against Madura United on October 13th.

The assistant coach of Borneo FC, Ahmad Amiruddin said that the coach team are still seeing on his condition and readiness. If he is recovered soon, most possibly he will be brought to Surabaya tomorrow (11/10). "I will consult with our medical team. If he is healthy enough, we will bring him," said Amir.

Actually, Tole started the match against PSM Makassar on the 78th minute of the match. He started the match in a good shape. However, the toughness of the match made him have to hold the pain until the end of the match.

The physiotherapist of Borneo FC, Lutfinanda Amary Septiandi said that Tole has got a serious problem on his ankle. The cause was a sprain when running with a high speed. "Tole played in the second half. His stamina was also good to go after the ball. But unfortunately, his ankle was sprained," said Lutfi.

He added that he will observe Tole's condition for these three days. Seeing a quite big swelling on Tole's ankle, he suggested so that the injured foot should not be used to support his body for the meantime. "He needs to do ice compression on his ankle, at least every 15 minutes after each session." said Lutfi.

Lutfi estimates, the recovery process could take two weeks. As a result, he confirms that Tole most possibly to miss the match against Madura United. "Only Tole who get injured and is in recovery time now. The rest of the players are in the good shapes and ready to play," Lutfi ended. (ARIB/KOK)