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Ricky Nelso Knows The Weakness of Their opponent: Borneo FC U-19 Wil Challenge Thailand U-19 To Do Open Play

Ricky Nelso Knows The Weakness of Their opponent
Borneo FC U-19 Wil Challenge Thailand U-19 To Do Open Play

11/10/2017 13:30 WITA

The representatives of both teams in the press conference before the match in Midtown Hotel, Samarinda.
Photo: Fachrul B. Pratama

Borneo FC U-19 is more ready than their opponent Thailand U-19, Ricky did not want to take easy on this match.

Because Thailand players have better individual capability. It will be their main weapon in the match at Segiri Stadium Samarinda tonight (10/11).

Ricky added that the stamina of the main team are pretty well. That's because when in the remaining matches of Group C elimination, they only used their back up players.

"Most of the players in the main team stayed in Samarinda and practice intensely, so there is no problem in the stamina. Now it's depend on their capability to take every opportunity into a goal," he added.

Ensuring a place in the big eight of U-19 League, Ricky will take advantage of the game tonight as the warming up match for his team. It will also develop their mental before being the champion of the U-19 competition. "We have a target in this competition, so against Thailand U-19 only as a medium to apply all the capabilities, not the pursuit of winning," he added.

"It's a big match for our players, especially as a lesson for young people whose chances are still minimal, I want to try everyone," Ricky said.

Despite seeing the weakness of the opposing team, Ricky reminded his team to perform optimally. Especially on the side of the field to be put to good use. "I watched the Thai U-19 game, they were weak on the left side, we tried to use the attack in that sector to get into the opponent's penalty box," explained Ricky.

On the other hand, a long journey to Samarinda which takes a lot of time. As a result, Thailand U-19 will be lack of recovery times after such a long journey to Samarinda. Given that aspect Marc stressed not giving h. He just hopes high target, his team can play better than before. "I came four months ago to Thailand, I brought a game of Barcelona, slowly started walking," he explained.

One of the main weapons of Thailand U-19 that should be wary of is Robin Holm. He is a naturalized player from Sweden. Marc did not close the possibility of playing him since the early minutes in the match against Borneo FC U-19. "Yes we will try Robin, we want to see his ability, but I insist we do not think much about the end result," explained Marc. (RIB/KOK)

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