Although it is only friendly match, the match between Borneo FC U-19 against Thailand U-19 national team will be very exciting match. The reason is both of the teams will certainly fight each other to win a match that will held o Wednesday (10/11) tonight at Segiri Stadium, Samarinda.

Thailand U-19 was the champion of AFF U-19 in Myanmar last September, only now the team from the White Elephant Stated that they have appeared with a different face. Bringing a coach from Spain, Marc Alavedra Palacios who was asked to transmit short tiki-taka passing play style.

Marc was given free authority to choose players, so now the face of the team also changed a lot. He prefers players who have high speed and good stamina. Then the selection was held, one of them with a visit to Indonesia this time, including Samarinda.

He also confirmed that in the match against Borneo FC U-19 they will apply the style and scheme of tiki-taka typical of 2010 World Cup champion. Even though only a trial Marc will still ask his foster children to play all out. "We came here indeed for the selection of players in AFC U-19 later. But I want to see all the potential of Thai players, "said Marc.

This Spanish coach calls himself will continue to try the tactics and schemes he wants and hope to run by his team. In fact he will also play Thai naturalized player, Robin Holm in left wing post. "He is a Swedish-Thai blaster and has the potential to be a good player. I will continue to develop, "he said.

Then of course this evening's game for foster children Marc Alavedra Palacios is not a regular friendship. Each player individually or team will show his best game. "Because the team is new then we need a lot of test match. I also want them to play with maximum performance, "he explained.

In their official exercise on Tuesday afternoon, Marc Alavedra looked to be finalizing the preparations. "Today's practice goes well.The players are beginning to understand my style of play and tactics.Now they can do the map I put in. I know this player is a new player almost the entire team.But tomorrow's game will determine how many players will follow his plan. This Borneo team may not be as strong as Indonesia's national team but we will not underestimate them We must try to grab the ball as much as possible. In order to make penetration and cut their chances (Borneo FC), "he concluded. (HFZ)