Borneo FC U-19's coach, Ricky Nelson said the match against Thailand U-19 on Wednesday (10/11) tonight would be a good opportunity for his team.

Although his team just arrived from Makassar yesterday morning, he still asked Habibi and his friends to be able to fight on the pitch tonight.

"They have a new coach from Catalan, where Barcelona is located, they must play tiki-taka. But I want to show them the Indonesian style of play, "said Ricky.

In addition, this opportunity is also good for his team in order to gain knowledge from this match experience. Moreover, Pesut Etam junior definitely escaped the top 8 in the competition U-19 League 1, then this game can gain confidence.

"This is the national team we will face, the players should be able to take advantage of this," said the coach from East Nusa Tenggara.

Ricky also assess the Thai players individually have a good quality. But as a newly formed team, he does not see if they are good at team play. On the basis of it also he claimed to have a tactic to hold the power of Thailand U-19.

"I have seen this in the match against Indonesian National team a few days ago. I have some ways to reslove them, "said the A-AFC licensed coach. (HFZ)