Successfully won 4-3 over Thailand U-19, coach Ricky Nelson praised the extraordinary spirit of his team.

He revealed that it was a rare opportunity to have a trial match with Thailand U-19 to make all players excited to win.

"Against Thailand, not all players can have the chance, they must first enter the Indonesian national team, so this is a moment where all players are ambitious to give their best ability," explained Ricky.

Facing Thailand U-19, Ricky claimed to absorb a lot of knowledge. Especially from how to play opponents who have talented individuals.

"Thailand U-19 has good passing accuracy and technique, but they are weak on the counter attack, that's what I read and try to take the advantages." Giving an experiment on what strategy to be used in order to win the match," Ricky said.

As a coach, Ricky did not expect, that his team is to become arrogant. Despite the success of bringing the name of Kaltim and Indonesia, the final result of Borneo FC U-19 between Thailand U-19 is quite a valuable experience.

"Stay in the ground because of the status of this match is trials.The media will see the super-talented Borneo FC U-19 team winning against Thailand U-19.However, the main focus back on the original goal is to win the U-19 League and promoting young players to senior teams," explains Ricky.

In line with Ricky, defender and captain Pesut Junior Habibi chose to say a thousand thanks. The team won the victory for the citizens of Samarinda and families who always support the team.

"Alhamdulillah we can win the match, that is not easy because in the beginning had left behind, this result is still a good evaluation and capital for the last eight of League U-19," said Habibi.

Yes, Pesut Junior ready to compete in the big eight in Bali this mid-October. In addition to match against the host Bali United U-19, they joined with Bhayangkara FC U-19 and Persela Lamongan U-19. (RIB/KOK)