Able to hold Madura United to a 1-1 draw improved the away record for Pesut Etam in this season. The match last night became a draw. Eleven away matches ended with defeat and only won once.

Borneo FC's assistant coach, Ahmad Amiruddin said he was very satisfied with the performance of all players. The draw as he said before the match is realistic and achievable result.

"Alhamdulillah, first I want to appreciate the hard work of all players who do not easily give up. We were left behind and finally can be balanced," said the assistant coach of Borneo FC.

Actually, according to Ahmad Amiruddin, Pesut Etam attacks in the second round were more violent. There were seven chances recorded, three of them which lead to the goal and goal-tipped.

"Actually if the boys could be a little more calm, they could be created more than one goal, but once again we are very grateful for this draw result," he added.

Picking points at Madura United's home was clearly not an easy matter. Amir from the beginning has calculated how difficult the match plus two core players to be absent are Asri Akbar and Matheus Lopes.

Amir's concerns seem to have passed well. Firdaus Ramadan who was previously has minimal opportunity to be plotted as a defensive midfielder. Although the original position as a defender, he was quite spartan to be the duet with Flavio Beck Junior in midfield.

While as the substitution for Matheus there was a figure of Leonard Tupamahu who became the tandem with Kunihiro Yamashita. Previously, Leonard was more plotted as a right-back when Matheus played.

Carefulness of the coaches team to implementing these special strategies proved successful. The flow of the opponent's ball in the middle of the pitch were often stopped. It was very difficult for Madura United to penetrate the very tight defense of Borneo FC.

"We make the midfielder especially Flavio to play more flexible, while Firdaus more defensive," said Amir. (RIB/KOK)