Borneo FC's foreign defender, Kunihiro Yamashita has just played in Indonesia in this season. A total of 28 weeks of 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1 has passed. However, this relatively short time is enough to make Yama begin to feel at home playing with Pesut Etam.

In fact, he hopes to continue to play for Pesut Etam until several seasons ahead. Actually Yama's career in Indonesia began when defending Borneo FC competed in the 2017 President Cup. At that time, he immediately drove his new team to the final before defeat from Arema FC who won the championship.

"I am happy to share many things in Borneo FC, it is nice to be here and it is friendly place, as a new foreign player I am also studying Indonesian language because I am more comfortable living in Indonesia, especially in Samarinda," said the player who was born in Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan, on May 29, 1986.

His love for Borneo FC is growing after he was trusted as the captain of the team to replace Ponaryo Astaman since some time ago. Got the big mandate, Yama confess that he is very proud and make him always confident on pitch.

However, the stout players with a height of 182 cm and weighs 84 kg is admitted not easy to assume duties as a captain. The most difficult thing he did when leading his team mates in the field was when there was a small incident.

"My job is to keep my friends from being emotional in the field and to be able to communicate wisely with the referees," he said. In the competition, Yama becomes the most featured Borneo FC player with 2,340 minutes of play. Despite the position of the defender, he was able to score two goals so far.

Ahead of the match against Persela Lamongan on Thursday (10/19/2017) at Segiri Stadium, Yama does not think to add to his goals collection but he only wants his team to win again after the draw result in their away to Madura United last week. (L1M/KOK)