Having a career in the sports world, the risk of physical collision can lead to injury. From light to fatal injury which can lead to death. One of Indonesia's best goalkeeper Khoirul Huda has been a victim of the hardness of the tough ball scramble from the opponent.

The position which is prone to collision is not only the goalkeeper. The forwarder, midfielder, and back also can all be injured.

Borneo FC Samarinda's goalkeeper Muhammad Ridho said what happened to Huda was a risk in the field. All players are basically ready for 90 minutes to clash with the opponent.

"In football there is always physical contact with the opponent, the risk of injury must always be there and that's every player's risk," Ridho said.

Ridho mentioned, that he was shocked by the news of the death of Huda. Therefore, the player plays the same as the goalkeeper.

"Honestly it is sad to hear the news of Mas Huda has gone.Hopefully placed in Allah's paradise.His died in search of sustenance.To be honest, yesterday we were chatting if we want to trade our jersey," said Ridho.

Ridho affirmed that any job has its own risk. Large or small depending on the activities done. While in football, the risk is very vulnerable.

In anticipation, Ridho communicates more with defenders. In addition, when the seizure of the air ball duel must be with the right estimates.

"We must have a good communication with the defender, if necessary, just shout to them loudly, the goalkeeper's task is also heavy. In addition to having to keep the goal is not conceded, should always win when the duel ball over. Often the opponents's striker was also annoying and like to disturb us.

This season, Ridho minimal serious injury. He only had a mild sprain during field trials at Parikesit Stadium, Balikpapan. Had to pull over a week, he was absent one match.

"Alhamdulillah I always prioritize two things on the field, not conceding and trying to win a duel," he explained.

When the duel with the opponent striker, actually according Ridho, goalkeeper opportunity to catch the ball a greater percentage. When doing a lunge or jump, the referee should be able to protect the goalkeeper.

"If there is an impetus or an obstacle from an opposing player, it must be a violation, the goalkeeper must get the virtue when in the penalty area," he concluded. (ABI/KOK)