The coach assistant of Borneo FC, Ahmad Amiruddin said that his players are still in a state of tired after the heavy match against Madura United three days ago.

A fierce match between the two teams drained a lot of stamina. For that, when he arrived in Samarinda, the squad Pesut Etam were not given a heavy training drill. "It must be tired, especially when traveling quite a long time," said coach Amir.

Although constrained with the stamina players, Amir confirmed his squad's fitness will be back soon. In fact, the intensity of exercise began to be improved. On Monday, Pesut Etam trained twice, at noon on the gym and in the afternoon they continued at Segiri Stadium, Samarinda.

"We have light training, we're not entering the stage of tactics and strategy yet, but the intensity is continuously improved to maintain the stamina of each player, so that the next prime match," said Amir.

Separately, Borneo FC's physical coach, Vladimir Krunic guarantees that the stamina of all players will be encouraged. He also mentioned there are two players with very excellent condition, they are Asri Akbar and Matheus Lopes. Both were absent in the last game due to cards accumulation.

"I strongly recommend both of them can perform as starter, but the formation is depend on the head coach" he said.

Vlado also added that all players of Pesut Etam are very professional in maintaining their stamina. Even during holidays, some players still practice individually.

"If they have good stamina, the risk of injury is also reduced. I always emphasize it to the players so they always keep enough rest time," he concluded. (RIB/KOK)