Preparing for the 30th week, Borneo FC Samarinda pursues the recovery process of Dinan Javier and Wahyudi "Tole" Hamisi.

Both of these Pesut Etam's young players are suffered from minor injuries but have the possibility to be absent in the match against Persela Lamongan, on Thursday (10/19).

Borneo FC's physiotherapist, Lutfinanda Amary Septiandi said, the chance of Tole and Dinan to appear only 50 percent. Because the conditions of both players are still in the reinforcement stage. "Still seen progress while being treated," said Lutfi.

Dinan got problems in the knee area routinely have water therapy. While Tole was able to jog after having sprained against PSM Makassar (10/8).

The opportunity for both players to join the team must wait until field trials, that is one day before the match. If they are in ready condition, Lutfi will recommend them to play. "But I will do the ability test, if they pass they can join the team," he explained.

The test given by Lutfi is the endurance of stamina by running fast. Accuracy of the feed by doing the passing near and far. And jump to head the ball. The ball control technique is also one of the test elements. Special for Tole, This former Borneo FC U-21 player did not create a shock effect on injury.

Because, some other players who defend the team in the 2017 President Cup is also vulnerable injury. "Most of the injured players so far have rarely participated in pre-season tournaments so they have to be more intense in maintaining their conditions," said Lutfi. (RIB/KOK)