Still in the middle of the grief, Borneo FC Samarinda have to face Persela Lamongan at Stadium Segiri, tonight. This full of emotional game will be presented in the shadow of the death of Khoirul Huda that has not even a week.

Borneo FC's coach, Iwan Setiawan sees the match counter Persela has two sides. First, his team is eyeing a victory to catch up points in some previous matches. And on the other hand, his team must respect the condition of their opponent that Huda has just passed away.

"Victory is very important for us to get in the next match, but we must keep our condolences to fight against Persela," said Iwan.

For Iwan who was once the coach Persela, Huda was an important spirit for the team. Even as he became part of Laskar Joko Tingkir's team, the player was once offered a contract worth twice the amount his club provided.

"But Huda prefers to be loyal to Persela, I am very amazed and I feel lost a role model like him," recalls Iwan.

Although praising the figure of Huda, Iwan must be professional to challenge his former team. For him, Persela has a power that can not be underestimated. Especially in the simplicity that characterizes.

In addition, the important figure behind vigilance against Persela is Aji Santoso as the coach. According to him, when he was the coach for the squad of Laskar Joko Tingkir, Persela has a significant progress.

"Aji is a figure who keeps up with the latest info so we can underestimate him," he concluded. (RIB/KOK)