Coach Iwan Setiawan will play the team without Leonard Tupamahu. Besides, there is also Asri Akbar, who is doubtful to appear because he was asking permission to go to Makassar because his parents died. While Wahyudi Hamisi and Dinan Javier are still in the recovery stage of injury.

Although some of the first team's players must be absent, Iwan still has some good quality players to appear as the starter. One of them is Firdaus Ramadan which is projected to appear again to replace Asri.

"The question of strategy is number two, because everything will be seen according to the game situation to determine the game of the team, which I want all players to focus and not underestimate the opponent," he explained.

Meanwhile, for defender of Borneo FC, Abdul Rachman, the match against Persela is considered heavy. As a player, he is still in mourning status over Huda's death. "It's harder on Persela's mental pressure, but I'm sure they'll try to win as their tribute to the late Huda, and we do not want to give in. Just stay professional," Rachman said. (RIB/KOK)