The home match of Borneo FC Samarinda against Persela Lamongan who was the club for Choirul Huda for life will be wrapped with specials. Pusamania and LA Mania agree to give a special tribute for him in the match of week 29 tonight.

As the sign of mourning, Pusamania and LA Mania agree to wear the black ribbon on their arm. The suggestion for other audiences to do the same thing began to socialized to the public from some days ago.

"Black ribbon as a symbol of the appreciation from us the supporters and to honor the services of Huda.This idea from LA Mania and we are really appreciate them," said Hendrik, the capo of Pusamania.

The figure of Huda who only defended a club throughout his career reap a lot of praise. Even at the end of his life, he died while defending Persela. On that basis, not a few are inspired to give a lot of appreciation. Even from footballers abroad.

Besides wearing black ribbon, LA Mania and Pusamania also prepare a billboard that depicts the figure of Huda. It will be carried around in the stadium.

"Representatives of Pusamania and LA Mania who will parade around the billboards. We already have permission with the match committee," said Hendrik.

Hendrik also said that approximately 400 LA Mania will attend in Segiri Stadium, Samarinda. A few days before the match, the frontmen of LA Mania have visited Pusamania to ask permission to support Persela.

"We from Pusamania always welcome supporters of the visitor team, anyone can come to Segiri as long as they being polite, because the rivalry is only 90 minutes, beyond that all be friends," he added.

Not only the tribute from the supporters, the league operators also asked the entire club in the 30th week to give their respects to Huda. Before the game, all players wear a yellow jersey with the words Choirul Huda with jersey number 1 on the back.

Shortly before kick off after a photo session and tosses a coin tos, the two teams gather in the center circle of the field. During one minute of silence to respect the services of Huda who also once part of the Indonesian national team.

Meanwhile, Borneo FC's Manager, Farid Abubakar said that the match against Persela becomes a tribute match to the late Choirul Huda. Despite targeting three points, whatever the result of the game all players are reminded to respect.

"If there is a goal we ask not to do excessive celebration, the goal is to respect Persela who became the team of the late Huda," said Farid. (RIB/KOK)