Finishing the fight against Persela Lamongan at Segiri Stadium yesterday, Borneo FC Samarinda unwilling to relax. Pesut Etam are ready to see the match of Derby Mahakam against Mitra Kukar (10/23).

Borneo FC's assistant coach, Ahmad Amiruddin said, all players who did not appear in the match against Persela last night are scheduled to practice today. Whether they who only play as a substitute were required to undergo recovery sessions.

"Especially the players who perform our full time, they have to rest, so that the stamina is maintained and not stressed," he said.

The away match to Tenggarong against Mitra Kukar will be very important for Pesut Etam. Because the competition in the middle board is very tight. As a result, the ambition to pick up three points is very strong.

"The distance between Tenggarong and Samarinda is not far, our preparation can be more ready, it is realistic that we can get points in Tenggarong," said Amir.

Although sure can pick points from Mitra Kukar, Amir claimed that the match against Mitra Kukar is not easy. Moreover, Aji Imbut Stadium is still so haunted for Borneo FC who last season were defeated 2-3. The result was the first meeting of both teams in Tenggarong.

The strength of Mitra Kukar actually only limited in their home match. Of the four meetings of both teams, three of them belong to Borneo FC. It is reasonable for Amir that his team this time could pick points. "It is also a moment for Borneo FC to be able to win the second away, we will take advantage of all the potential that exists," said Amir. (RIB)