Funny incident had occurred in the 74th minute when the referee, Annas Aprilandi who led the match of Borneo FC vs Persela Lamongan when he wanted to give a yellow card to Abdul Rachman, he almost fell because of tripping.

Not so long after that, he beckoned that he got muscle cramp, by pointing his left calf. The medical team from Persela gave quick response by provide help for the referee can return to lead the game again.

In addition, losing to Borneo FC, the coach of Persela, Aji Santoso admitted the superiority of the hosting team. For him, whether to lose or to win in soccer is a natural thing. But he regretted the decision of referee Annas Aprilandi from Bandung who was not firm in leading the game.

"I'm sad and concerned about the referee's leadership, my player's bones are broken because of a violent clash from the opposing player, it's so sad that the opponent's player was only given a yellow card, and the game went by and I admitted that Borneo FC won, lose or win in football is likely to happen in football," said Aji.

The player that Aji means is Sandi Septian. Flavio who intend to block the ball by jumping raised his calf too high. Difficult to control, his feet unintentionally hit the body of Persela's players. The incident right in front of the referee was only awarded a yellow card.

Nevertheless, after all that had happened during the match, Aji regretted that the home team goal in the first half was created due to the negligence of his defenders. "If we can just draw in the first half, the result in the second half is likely to be another story," said Aji. (RIB/KOK)