The confidence of Borneo FC Samarinda to pick points in the matcg against Mitra Kukar (10/23) is slightly disturbed. Borneo FC's two good defenders have to skip the match, they arr Abdul Rachman and Flavio Beck Junior.

Rachman and Flavio got a yellow card in the last match against Persela Lamongan two days ago. It completes the number of their yellow cards so both of them are suspended to play.

The assistant coach of Borneo FC regrets that Flavio and Rachman have to absent in this match because both of them are the players that most often play during this season.

"We must find the best solution for that problem. Mayber it's a bit difficult to replace with players who have the same qualities. But I am sure that everyone wants to give their best to the team." said him.

As the substitute for Rachman, few names are prepared. Start from Ricky Ohorella, Zulvin Zamrun, or Diego Michiels and Arthur Irawan who can be put as the left back. Meanwhile on the right, there is Leonard Tupamahu who already free from the card accumulation's suspension. "We will see the development of all the players. We also will balance with our opponent's playing style. (Mitra Kukar)," said Amir.

Although without Flavio and Rachman, Amir said that his team will not do many changes on their playing style. Even their status as the visitor team will not stop them of being so offensive in the match. "We are optimistic that we can pick points. I hope we can make use of every chance." He concluded. (RIB) (RIB)