Highly motivated to get 3 points in order to get a ticket to qualify for the semifinals, Pesut Muda was held 2-2 by Persela U-19 in the second match of Liga 1 U-19 Group A.

With the draw result, Borneo FC Junior must wait until the last match against Bali United U-19 to ensure themselves qualify for the semifinals.

In the first half, Persela U-19 could dominate the game. A number of chances successfully created by the front line of Persela. However, the defensive line of Borneo FC U-19 which was guarded by Habibi and his team mates still could hold them.

The disaster was happened in the 16th minute of the match. Crossing ball from Persela's player from inside the penalty box was touched by Iftiqar Rizal's hand. The referee Safrizal from Bireun immediately pointed to the white point and awarded a penalty kick for Persela U-19. Ghifari Faiz executed the penalty kick and succeed to made Persela U-19 to led 0-1.

Pesut Junior tried to increase the intensity of the attack. The chances for Bayu and Habibi happened at the 20th and 23rd minute of the match and almost break into Persela's goal but still failed to break into Persela's goal which was guarded by M. Adib. Persela U-19 actually was doubling their score on the 26th minutes after a hard kick from outside the penalty box by Persela U-19 midfielder who can not be saved by the goalkeeper of Borneo FC.

Left behind with 2 goals, Ricky Nelson then played M.Sihran and Faldi Ades Tama to add their attacking power. Evidently, Pesut Junior was able to minimize the through goals scored by Teuku Noer Fadhil at the 39th minute. Score 1-2 last until the break.

In the second half, a number of chances were successfully created by the front line of Young Pesut. But unfortunately, the alertness of Persela U-19 goalkeeper U-19 made the score unchanged until the 60th minute.

In the the 63rd minute of the match, started from a corner kick, Jujun Saepulloh successfully scored a cross by using the cross ball from Habibi. Score back to 2-2 draw. Borneo began to increase their attacks by using the physical of Persela players who began to exhausted. But until the referee blew the long whistle the score remained unchanged. (ZAN/ANZ/KOK)