Knowing their chances of penetrating into an Asian tournament, Borneo FC's midfielder, Abdul Aziz more excited in facing the remaining matches. The victory is the only target for them to finish in the best position in the final standings.

As known before, the competition to break into the Asian tournament is wide opened after Bhayangkara FC, Bali United, and Madura United are hindered with the club's licence name change . Where these three clubs are in the top.

Although still struggling in the middle of the board, Pesut Etam quite likely to push to the top. If the win in the five remaining match. Minimal not to lose in the match.

"We are definitely hoping to play in the Asian level and want to bring the name of Borneo FC into international," said Aziz.

However, Aziz admits that it will not be an easy matter for his team broke into the top fight. Therefore, other teams who have a chance to qualify for the AFC Cup must try maximally as well.

Seeing that, Aziz invites his colleagues to unite the determination to give victory for Borneo FC. Especially in home games, unlawful for the visitors to steal points at the Stadium Segiri.

"Insyaallah with a sincere intention will eased our way, should be optimistic from the beginning despite whatever happened," explained Aziz.

Playing in Asian tournaments is a goal for Pesut Etam in the competition this season. But because we have lost many points in away games, Aziz and his team mates difficult to compete in the top. "The results in the last three matches increased the mentality of our players," he concluded. (ABI/KOK)