Borneo FC Samarinda's last goal in the 80th minute against Mitra Kukar scored by the 19-year-old young player, Riswan Yuswan, still felt until today.

The player from Tulehu, Maluku was so happy to be able to score his second goal in his professional career as he played football. Goals that he created was dedicated to families who have been supporting him.

While playing in Borneo FC Samarinda, this player at the beginning of the season often appear as a starter, but it's because of the league's regulation which said a club must played 3 players under the age of 23 years. He also had become the mainstay on the left wing with Terens Puhiri on the right wing.

Once regulation is removed, he was rarely played, even his name also rarely written in the line up. But last night, he entered in 76 minutes to replace the Sultan Samma. The belief was answered with a goal that became a closing goal for Pesut Etam. "I am very grateful for the results and goals that I created and all this thanks to the cooperation of teammates," he said.

For the second goal he created so far, he especially dedicated to his parents who are in the hometown. Moreover, he always told them when the match of Borneo FC Samarinda is live on TV. "Of course for the family, especially to my mama who always support me, indeed my family always watch if the match is live on TV," he said. (HFZ/KOK)