The great victory of Borneo FC Samarinda over Mitra Kukar early last week not only made it hard to move on because of the impressive performance of the squad of Iwan Setiawan. In addition to goalkeeper Muhammad Ridho passes the record for his saves this season, Terens Puhiri, the winger also stole the world's spotlight for his speed.

On the 69th minutes of the match at Aji Imbut Stadium on Monday (10/23), the home team locked in the Borneo defense, struggling to chase the two-goal deficit that Lerby Eliandry scored in the first half. In the back left goalkeeper Geri Mandagi while Herwin Tri Saputra guard from the middle of the field.

The ball is dominated by wingback Syaiful Ramadhan who then decided to fire the ball from outside the penalty box. Unfortunately, the defender Borneo, Leonard Tupamahu, anticipate alacrity. The shot is blocked and bounces the ball into the Mitra Kukar pitch.

Terens in counter-attack position, with his fantastic speed chasing the ball that continues to roll into the area that is not guarded. Herwin tried to catch up, but his opponent is too fast. Through his tackling, successfully passed the 21-year player despite the occurrence of physical contact.

Mandagi inevitably got out of his nest and tried to hit Terens outside the penalty box. However, again players from Papua is able to avoid and face the unattended goal with the ball in control. Borneo's third goal was scored on the 70th minutes of the match.

That magical moment continues to be a conversation up to now. Even got the spotlight of the world until it became viral since yesterday. Major sports media in Spain, AS, was one of the news media who spoke about Teren's amazing speed.

"Is this the fastest footballer in the world? What.A.Run. We swear we did not fast forward this video!)," AS wrote in their page which showing the video of Teren's solo run goal.

"Owing to a lack of technology in Indonesian football, we may never know exactly how fast Puhiri ran on his way to scoring Borneo's third goal of the evening, but video evidence suggests he may have beaten the Premier League's fastest ever player, Leroy Sane," wrote Daily Mail .

Besides Spain and England, the footage is featured in Brazilian media to Twitter soccer's world accounts with tens thousands of followers and gets re-tweeted thousands of times overnight.

However, does Terens deserve got the title as the fastest footballer in the world? He was in the field of Borneo when the ball from Syaiful bounced off in the 69:52 minute. When the time shows the numbers 70:02, goals nest in the goalkeeper Naga Mekes. Ten seconds!

In the virtual world, the speed of the footballer is known to be based on his speed figures in FIFA or PES games. But in the real world, research needs to determine the speed of a player. What is currently known is the result of a study of the Mexican club, CF Pachuca.

The research brought that Real Madrid's striker Gareth Bale as the fastest player with a speed of 36.9 kilometers per hour. That figure comes from his action against Inter Milan at the San Siro in the Champions League in 2010, or when passing Marc Bartra against Barcelona in the 2014 Copa Del Rey final.

Manchester United's winger, Antonio Valencia (35.1 kilometers per hour) and Borussia Dortmund's striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (34.6 kilometers per hour) are another big names in the top five of the study's results.

While the recently released news was the success of Manchester City's winger, Leroy Sane became the Premier League's fastest player. He has a speed of 35.48 kilometers per hour, as displayed during a 1-0 win over Chelsea some time ago. Ex-Schalke players beat the previous record of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy in 2015 which recorded speed 35.44 kilometers per hour.

It needs a similar research to call Terens the fastest footballer on earth. However, undoubtedly at his young age, he had found the main place in Pesut Etam. Appearing 28 times out of 30 Borneo matches this season, Terens started all over the starting minutes. His contribution was drawn through six goals and nine assists so far. (RIB/KOK)