Borneo FC Samarinda's midfielder, Terens Puhiri has got the spotlight after his performance of doing a 'Solo Run' goal in the math against Mitra Kukar on Monday (10/23).

Speed and agility in running and processing the ball was recognized by his senior in Borneo FC, Ponaryo Astaman. "Since I first played with him (Terens Puhiri) two years ago on Borneo FC, the first impression was he was fast," Ponaryo said.

"Terens has incredible speed, and his speed and agility are incredible," Ponaryo insisted.

However, Ponaryo mentioned there are still many things that Terens need to improve if he wants to be better in the future. That is include if the 21-year player wants to compete at the national team level.

"He needs to practice on improving his technique to improve the basic techniques, timing, crossing, finishing and insight he's playing in. If he can improve, I think he can be the best player in Indonesia." said this former midfielder of Indonesian National Team.

Terens himself once called by Luis Milla to follow the second selection of U-22 national team but he failed to get in. It was the first call for Terens and until now he has never been called again.

There is still a possibility for him if his performance this time could again steal the attention of Milla who was preparing to gather players in preparation ahead of the 2018 Asian Games. (CNN/KOK)