Every home match, the organizing committee (panpel) of Borneo FC Samarinda felt there was an obstacle related to the audience culture in Samarinda, ie the intensity of the spectators entering at 15 minutes before kick off and 15 minutes after kick off.

To avoid the unwanted things, the organizing committee appealed to the audience to come earlier to the stadium. Ticket Coordinator of Borneo FC Samarinda, Herman said, at that time there is often a long and contagious queue that eventually makes the crowd jostling. Yet before or after that time, the entrance of the stadium is normal.

"So maybe this is an obstacle for us, because the audience comes in at the same time, although outside the stadium has been crowded with the fans, but they do not immediately enter the stadium," said Herman.

He also appealed to the audience who already have tickets and come faster, can immediately enter the stadium, to avoid long lines at the door of the stadium. "Please avoid the habit of entering the stadium just before the kick off. Come early and get in immediately if you have a ticket, "he added.

This message was delivered for the anticipation of action 28 October, when Borneo FC Samarinda against Persija Jakarta. Coinciding with weekend and kick off at night, he predicts the number of spectators will increase. "If there is no obstacle, immediately come to the stadium faster. Do not come near the time kick off, " his message to the spectators.

Herman also told the culture-related supporters from Solo who had met and shared information with him. They were shocked, because in Samarinda crowded spectators came when will be ahead of kick off. While in Solo, usually the supporters have entered the stadium 1 to 2 hours before the match. Similarly, the supporters of Makassar, who had entered two hours before kick off.

"The organizing committee will open five entrances at the Economic Tribune at door 8, door 9, door 10, door 11 and door 12, where every door there are three scanner engines. In addition, there are three doors in the VIP Tribune that we open. But with faster entry it will be better, please help, understanding and cooperation to make everyone feels comfortable, "said Herman.

"Just like the last game, the whole door using a turtle type scan machine, if indeed we have to open the door again, we are ready, but wear hands-on, so buy tickets at the official counter, to be assured," he concluded. (HFZ/KOK)