The euphoria of Borneo FC Samarinda's victory in Tenggarong along with the supporters who crowded in the match will certainly still happen in the next match. Including when Pesut Etam meet Persija Jakarta, on Saturday (10/28) tomorrow evening. Even Pusamania guarantee if the support to Lerby Eliandry and his team will be more crowded.

Pusamania's chairman, Tommy Ermanto Pasemah said, the effort and hard work of the players actually are undoubt. The results against Mitra Kukar on Monday (10/23) is enough to be a proof that players wholeheartedly play for Borneo FC Samarinda.

He also asks that in the two remaining home matches of Borneo FC Samarinda the people of Samarinda could attend in Segiri Stadium and give their direct support for the team. "So in the last two matches, the Segiri Stadium can be crowded with supporters," said Tommy.

Pusamania even deliberately held a simple event to having dinner together with players to give a sense of trust to the players. The event was also called as a form of gratitude for the performance of the players after successfully winning at Mitra Kukar. "We were very rarely win there and this may be a form of our appreciation to the players," he said.

So, Tommy added that the team worth to get more supports from the people of Samarinda. It also seems to prove if the squad of Pesut Etam are take it seriously in developing the team. So the team should be able to get better support. "I hope there will be no empty seat at Segiri Stadium. All people of Samarinda, please come to the stadium and give your support, "he said.

He added that for now Borneo FC Samarinda has become the only club representing Samarinda, Kota Tepian in the national football competition.

Another reason of doing the event, Tommy also wants the players and supporters to be closer. Then the idea of having dinner together was sticking out and held last night. All players of Borneo FC Samarinda both local and foreign players were present until the coaching staff and other team officials also joined the event. (HFZ/KOK)