A precious lesson was gotten by Borneo FC Samarinda when they were hosting the visitor team, Persija Jakarta at Segiri Stadium, yesterday (10/28) evening. Playing dominance throughout the match, Pesut Etam actually was defeated 1-2 to their opponent.

Heedlessness is claimed as the main factor of last night disaster. Though Borneo FC had the first opening goal in the match through the goal of Sultan Samma (51 '), then the visitor team managed to scored two goals through Ramdani Lestaluhu (77') and Bambang Pamungkas (82 ').

"The opponents are very free in our penalty box, it should not happen," said Iwan Setiawan, coach of Borneo FC Samarinda.

The replacing of Asri Akbar, as said by Iwan, affected the performance of the team's midfield in the 77th minute or a minute ahead of the equalizer goal of Persija. According to Iwan, the opposing team was easily launch any counterattack without any pressure by the midfielder.

The absence of Firdaus Ramadhan does not provide many options for Iwan to find alternative solutions. Patrich Wanggai who almost throughout the match was on the side of the field, changed his mentality to defense, replacing the role of Asri Akbar.

"Technically, the replacing of Asri Akbar was quite influential, the situation of the game is much changed without any pressure in the middle, and with Ramdani Lestaluhu came to join the squad in also makes Persija more dominant," said Iwan.

The defeat from Persija must soon be forgotten. Borneo FC Samarinda's goalkeeper, Muhammad Ridho, who conceded two goals last night asks his team mates to evaluate the outcome of the game.

"Actually we played well in the first half, all players were all doing the hard work and were very discipline, but the concentration was decreasing in the second half, maybe tonight is not ours, but we have to get up and take the next game seriously like the final round," Ridho said.

While from the visitors team, coach of Persija, Stefano Cugurra Teco looked happy after frustrating Borneo FC Samarinda more special because this was an away match for them where they played in their opponent's home base.

"Just exactly, what I targeted at the beginning, we want to pick three points in Samarinda, where the team played well with concentration and discipline," Teco said.

Teco's strategy proved successful. The defense was very solid especially in the first half. None of Borneo FC's chance was converted into a goal in the first half.

"Borneo FC Samarinda performed superbly in the first half but our players' marking were also good," he explained.

The victory over Borneo FC Samarinda put Persija in fifth place standings with 55 points. While Borneo FC Samarinda is still in eighth position with 46 points. (ABI/KOK)