Borneo FC Samarinda U-19 will fight in semifinal of Liga 1 U-19 competition on Saturday (10/4) next week. The team will face Persib Bandung U-19 at Mukti Wibawa Stadium, Bekasi. The preparation was continuously done by Borneo FC U-19 to ahead of the game.

Coach of Borneo FC Samarinda U-19, Ricky Nelson said, so far he continues to prepare his team for the semi-final match. The achievement of his team so far has made him highly motivated to achieve the best result. "We still have some shortcomings in the big eight round. But we try to fix it now and there is still time for it, "said Ricky.

Facing a tough opponent he asked that Habibi and his team that there is no need to feel be burdened with dreams through the finals. He asked his his team to forget the final and more focus on this semi-final game first. "One of the improvements we want to do is improve the back line and perform discipline to keep the area," he said.

Then, he reminded his team if this semifinal match is a real test. He also requested that Pesut Etam Junior can take the lesson of the results in the round of 8. At that time, the team were often have it difficult and made their own mistakes.

"I ask the players to be able to evaluate their own style of play. We need to work hard to be able to get good results," he said.

Even Ricky also know some players Persib Bandung U-19 which has quality. Especially when he once coached a football club in Jakarta. "What is clear is that Persib is a good team, so it's not easy for their opponents, but I'm glad they'll be attacking, it's going to be an exciting match," said Ricky. (HFZ/KOK)