Ahead to the end of the season, Borneo FC Samarinda still has three matches left. The whole game will be held early November within a week.

Must play three times in the span of a week, stamina of the players will be tested. Especially in the nearest match challenging Perseru Serui (11/4). Travelling far must drain a lot of energy.

There is no time to rest after a visit to Serui. Lerby Eliandry and his team will be straight back to Samarinda to prepare of hosting Persib Bandung (11/8). Again, the stamina will be tested because the team must play in Bontang because of the suspension status. "The schedule is quite extreme, I think there should be a rotation so that the stamina of the players can be well preserved," said Vladimir Krunic, physical coach of Borneo FC Samarinda.

The man who is familiarly called Vlado was asserted, injuries are very risky experienced when force the stamina of players. Although all players are accustomed to a tight schedule, but the time for recovery should be appropriate.

"The coach team has the same program, my job is to keep the stamina of the players to be stable, but it will be difficult to play three times in a week," he explained.

After hosting Persib in Bontang, the squad of Pesut Etam again had to hurry back to Samarinda. Because, they will have another home match against Arema FC (11/10) at Segiri Stadium and at once becomes the closing match for this season.

Although being in this super tight schedule, Vlado reluctant to show his anxiety. He promises to spend all his energy to manage the program given. The ultimate goal is to keep each player's endurance in the rest of the match.

"My job is to monitor the developments and readiness of all players," he concluded. "Most importantly they can keep their take their time to rest well and practice, following all directions correctly." he concluded. (RIB/KOK)