The tight schedule requires Borneo FC Samarinda to rotate their players. Challenging Perseru Serui (11/4), the goalkeeper Muhammad Ridho will certainly absent. Not because of card accumulation, but for refreshment.

Always got priority to appear, Ridho finally rotated. Having three matches left, Pesut Etam do not want their number one goalkeeper to becomes exhausted. "We have three matches with a very tight schedule, I have to rest Ridho completely," said the goalkeeper coach of Borneo FC Samarinda, Luizinho Passos.

Ridho's absence at the same time provides an opportunity for Nadeo Argawinata to show his skill. The player from Kediri was trusted as a starter in their away match against Perseru. "I give chance for Nadeo and David Ariyanto as the back up," explained Luiz.

This season, Nadeo only has 357 minutes appearance. The difference is striking compared to Ridho who collected 2,433 minutes of play. While David has not once appeared.

Against Perseru, Nadeo and David will compete for the main place. Although Luiz gives a signal to play the young goalkeeper, but the readiness ahead of the game that determines the final decision. "True, who is most ready to perform, both of them are eager to play," Luiz said.

Separately, Nadeo is projected to appear still does not know the news. But during training session, he admitted to getting extra hard training from the coach. "I as a player is always ready anytime if I trusted to play, if I am prepared for the match against Perseru, I try not to conceded, hopefully that we can pick points in Serui," said Nadeo. (RIB/KOK)