Have been absent from quite a long time, Ponaryo Astaman finally re-emerged at the Stadium Segiri, on Wednesday (11/1). But he wear different uniform with his team mates.

The player who is familiarly called Popon has a break from the AFC A coaching course on December. Rather than taking a break, he prefers to help on the coaching team. "If I'm asked to play, honestly I am not strong enough, my stamina is decreasing because I did not exercise for a long time," said Popon.

It takes two months if he wants to get back his stamina just like his team mates in the pitch. But as the competition soon ends, he only helps as well as learns on the coach team.

"I got a lot from the training courses, starting from sharpening tactics, strategies, and learning other things, I try to help in Borneo FC Samarinda as my responsibility in the team," he explained.

Wearing an orange costume, Popon did more interaction with Ricky Nelson and Vladimir Krunic. Help in directing the training program from the side of the training pitch.

Even so, he did not stay quite and talkative. Popon also occasionally accompany Sultan Samma and his team mates to play games in the pitch because the players are in odd numbers. "I help a little, if forced to play full time, honestly I can't," said Popon. (RIB/KOK)