After missed the last four matches with Borneo FC Samarinda, Wahyudi "Tole" Hamisi comes back because he had recovered from an ankle injury which he got in the match against PSM Makassar (10/8).

The physiotherapist of Borneo FC Samarinda, Lutfinanda Amary Septiandi said that Tole already has no problem in his ankle. He also has been training since three days ago. The fierce midfielder also prepared to fight against Perseru Serui (11/4).

"Tole has already recovered. But we need to keep his stamina to stay fit because he didn't train for quite a long time." said Lutfi.

Has a position as a holding midfielder which often has a clash with the opponent. His main task is to stop the opponent's offensive especially when it's getting closer to the defensive line. Grabbing the ball from the opponent cleanly although sometimes rough is usually done.

"Tole's playing type is like that. It depends on him to keep the rhytm and the intensity on the pitch to lower the risk of injury." said him.

Athough he guaranteed that Tole can play in the match, whether he will be played or no, Lutfi lets the coach to decide. However, seeing the tight of the schedule of the team, it is not a bad decision to give a position to this player from Kotamobagu, North Sulawesi.

"Tole is a talented young player. There is always a spirit when ones trusted to play." praised Lutfi.

Meanwhile, Tole has confirmed that he is ready to play. However, his condition is not 100% fit. "Actually my condition has reached 95% fit but only a little trauma." said Tole.

Nevertheless, Tole always ready to play if he is trusted to play. He wants to present his first point after his long absence. "I hope I can play as usual. I am very grateful if we can pick points in Serui." he concluded. (RIB/KOK)