Only bring three defenders to Serui, Borneo FC Samarinda has confirmed to still put four defenders in the match against Perseru Serui, tomorrow (11/4). Riswan Yusman will be plotted as a left back in the place of Abdul Rachman.

The coach of Borneo FC Samarinda, Iwan Setiawan said, players who brought to Serui already with a mature calculation. He insists there will be no problem in the game scheme because each player can play more than one position.

"Riswan is playing on the left and Arthur Irawan is on the right side of defense and for the defending position I trust the postitions to Leonard Tupamahu and Firdaus Ramadhan," said Iwan.

Riswan who usually positioned as attacking midfielder had previously been plotted as a left back. At that time Borneo FC was hosting PS TNI at Segiri Stadium, Samarinda.

Riswan's Young talent is quite potential. He managed to create two goals plus one assists of 866 minutes featured this season.

"The match against Perseru are our last away in this season, everyone whom are trusted to play have to agree to give their best to the team." he said.

Collective game is the strategy that will be used by coach Iwan in the match againt Perseru. He reminds his players to be more patient and focused throughout the game.

"There is no need to rush in. Keep it safe and make the most of the smallest opportunities, you should not get depressed," he explained.

After traveling 20 hours from Samarinda, Pesut Etam's squad arrived in Serui yesterday. Related to recovery, Iwan is ready to anticipate.

"Upon arrival at Serui yesterday the team took a total break and we will take advantage of the Marora Stadium field trials today as well as the final preparations before the match against Perseru," he concluded. (RIB/KOK)