Come to Serui without their full power and only bring two back up players, the assumption of whether Borneo FC Samarinda will succumb or not, it will be proved today at Marora Stadium, Serui this afternoon (11/4).

At least, Pesut Etam can hold the home team into a draw result and may not lose.

Seeing the team's composition, there is still hope for Borneo FC Samarinda to hold Perseru into a draw. The starting XI that has been prepared by the team are all players who have already felt
the atmosphere of these season's matches.

But, they have less minute playing, the fact has made them to gain status as the back up players.

Ferbri Setiadi Hamzah replaces the role of Borneo's top scorer, Lerby Eliandri in the front row. Meanwhile, in the midfield there are five players such as Abdul Aziz, Wahyudi Hamisi, Rizky Yusuf, Dinan Javier, and Jefri Kurniawan. These last two names are the ones who will go down on the opponent's defense from the side of the pitch.

Meanwhile in the defensive line, there are Firdaus Ramadhan with Leonard Tupamahu and are helped by Arthur Irawan and Riswan Yusman on the right and left side. Meanwhile, the goalkeeper's position has been confirmed that it belongs to Nadeo Argawinata.

"This match is quite difficult. But we come from far away to Serui not for lose." said Iwan Setiawan, the coach of Borneo FC Samarinda.

The reason why Iwan only bring a few players to Serui is as the strategy in facing the tight schedule of the last three matches. He also realizes of the risks of losing against Perseru Serui.

"At least we from the coaching staff have already calculated our target in our last three matches. Our priority is after the match against Perseru. We will be all-out." he explained.

Iwan's statement is reasonable. Although there is a chance of fail to pick point in Serui, we still have two matches that we can maximize. This former coach of Persebaya Surabaya, he does not want his team to be exhausted and makes them to fail to pick points in their home.

After against Perseru, the squad of Pesut Etam straight head to Bontang to prepare their next match against Persib Bandung (11/8). There is only a little time, but the main squad stay in Samarinda and confirmed to be ready to fight.

Having a match in Serui have a special story for Pesut Etam. Last season was worse, because Borneo FC Samarinda was said to be walk out (WO) because the management didn't get the flight ticket based on the schedule.

"I hope it will be an exciting game. We have to prove how the power of Borneo FC without their star players against Perseru. Please pray for us." said Iwan.

Leonard also agree with coach Iwan Setiawan. Plotted as the team's captain, this 34-years old will fight hard to pick points in Perseru's home.

"I and my teams will give their best for Borneo FC Samarinda. At least we do not conceded so our mentality will be good throughout the match." said Leo.

Meanwhile for the hosting team, the coach of Perseru, Agus Yuwono said that the match against Borneo FC Samarinda is crucial. The ambition of picking points is a must for us to keep playing in the highest competition in the next season.

"Win in every home match is a must for us. But we do not want to underestimate Borneo FC Samarinda. I have instructed the team to play maximum." explained Agus. (RIB/KOK)