The intention of Borneo FC Samarinda to pick points in Serui was failed to achieved. Borneo FC Samarinda forced to give up 3-2 from the home team at Marora Stadium on Saturday (11/4).

The match actually ran interesting, both teams took turns in attacking. Lucky for Perseru, six minutes after the kick off whistle was blown, they scored a goal through a penalty kick executed by their Japanese player, Ryutaro Karube.

A penalty was awarded by the referee, Thoriq Al-Katiri after one of Perseru's players fell inside the penalty box due to a duel with Arthur Irawan. 1-0 Borneo FC Samarinda left behind.

However, Borneo FC was not broken. Pressure also given by Iwan Setiawan's team. The result, Febri Setiadi Hamzah was able to equalize the position to 1-1 in the 8th minute.

Nearly the end of the match, Borneo FC left back behind 2-1, the home team scored a goal in the 43rd minute that again was scored by their foreign player, this time Silvio Escobar was able to tear Borneo FC Samarinda's goal which was guarded by Nadeo Argawinata.

In this match, Borneo FC Samarinda showed their fighting spirit. It was showed in two minutes later Pesut Etam able to equalize to 2-2. Febri Setiadi Hamzah was able to create his brace in this fight.

Unfortunately, entering the extra time, Perseru again led the match 3-2 through Silvio Escobar's goal in the 45th minute + 2. When the referee Thoriq Al Katiri blew the 45th minute mark the first interval expired, the score remained unchanged, Perseru Serui's led.

In the second half, Borneo FC Samarinda took the initiative to attack. Wahyudi Hamisi who in this fight had a disruption drawn out and replaced by Muhammad Sihran. Similarly in the goalkeeper's position, Nadeo Argawinata was substituted out and replaced by Davit Ariyanto, that at once made his debut under the crossbar of Borneo FC Samarinda.

Trusted to guard the last wall of Pesut Etam, Davit performed well, at least his save in the 65th minute could broke the chance of Perseru. The crucial save was able to avoid Borneo FC Samarinda from the threat of the opponent.

Unfortunately, despite trying hard to catch up, but efforts to add a goal through Abdul Aziz did not succeed. Borneo FC Samarinda must let the home team's advantage 3-2. In this match, Leonard Tupamahu who was plotted as the team's captain was given a yellow card by the referee.

This result forced Borneo FC Samarinda to be temporarily stuck in mid standing, with 46 points and two remaining matches, Pesut Etam still have a chance to break through the top five if the teams above them fail to get more points this week. (AHS/KOK)