3-2 defeat in their away match to Perseru Serui had made Pesut Etam upset. In game Borneo FC Samarinda was believed to be able to pick points. Unfortunately, the goddess of luck was not with Iwan Setiawan's team.

After the fight, the senior player of Borneo FC Samarinda, Leonard Tupamahu who in this match lined up as team captain, apologized for failing to pick up points. But he saw the fighting spirit of the players to find the best results deserves thumbs up.

"I as the team's captain I apologize that we can not bring victory to the team, I thank to the young players who played very well today," he explained.

On that match, Leonard Tupamahu and some senior players did look firm. Occasionally he said loudly to make the players to be more focused and not make mistakes. Moreover in this fight, the issue is not good to hit his team. As previously rumored, Borneo FC Samarinda was considered deliberately succumbing because they came not with the best power.

Although the statement has been disputed, but the issue clearly affected to the mentality of Pesut Etam squad. "We the senior players were being fussy on the pitch and it was reasonable, we come here with the limitations I do not want to see this game is sold, so we are all grateful to display the best game," said the former player of Indonesia national team. (AHS/KOK)