An early age championship titled Nahusam Football Academy which was held at the Football Field of the Forestry Department, Samarinda, on Saturday (11/4) afternoon was very lively.

In the trofeo-style tournament three teams took part namely Harbi Academy, SSB Samarinda Kota (Samkot) and Borneo FC U-11. In the inaugural match, Borneo FC U-11 which strengthened by the majority players from Nahusam Football Academy looked mighty by winning 3 goals over SSB Samkot.

In the second match, Borneo FC U-11 again reached victory through a penalty shoot out drama over the Harbi Academy. On the other hand, SSB Samkot reap their second defeat, after giving up 2-0 when met Harbi Academy.

These results make Borneo FC U-11 became the champion with collecting 5 points, won one victory (3 points) and one penalty victory (2 points). While Harbi is ranked second with 4 points result won one penalty (1 point) and once won (3 points), and the last position occupied SSB Samkot with zero points.

"Alhamdulillah all goes well, this kind of tournament will be our regular agenda for the means to the young players to feel the atmosphere of the match, keep practicing to the kids and keep the spirit, do not be discouraged, because the results obtained today is the ladder to achieve success in the future, "Said Handi Asmaradinata, the manager of Borneo FC U-11.

On the other hand, the team secretary of Borneo FC, Ridhotya Warman claimed to be proud of the achievement of their junior team. He hopes these young players from Samarinda can continue to sharpened their ability, so in the future Borneo FC will have no trouble in finding the best players to strengthen the senior team.

"We are happy with the level of youth coaching that works well today. And salute for the role of parents who want to make their children to be reliable players, we are proud," he explained. (AHS/KOK)