Borneo FC Samarinda U-19's ambition to qualify for the final round as well as becoming the champion of Liga 1 U-19 finally foundered at Wibawa Mukti Stadium, Cikarang, on Saturday (11/4) evening.

Playing against Persib Bandung U-19 in the semifinals, single goal of the opponent through a penalty in the 13th minute interrupted the dream of Pesut Etam Muda. These results also same to the achievement of Borneo FC Samarinda Junior last season, which was only able to penetrate into the semifinals.

The match itself ran tough, Borneo FC U-19 who was surprised by a quick goal Persib U-19 through penalty kick trying hard to catch up.

At least some golden opportunities can be created, including hard kick of Dody Al Fayed who hit the crossbar in the 48th minute, rebound ball is leaked Jujun Saefulloh crossed over the opponent's goal. Again, the penetration of Aulia Hidayat in the 57th minute, able Habibi forwarded by crossing into the goal of Maung Ngora, but Bayu Al Farizi header ball could be tipped by the goalkeeper of Persib U-19.

In this match, Borneo FC Samarinda Junior intend to restore the situation. A number substitution were done. One of them include Hanif Faturahman to replace Teuku Noer Fadhil and substituted out Ades Tama for Tri Adi Saputra.

Unfortunately, fortune was not with the young Pesut Etam, a number of attacks that they built failed to create a goal. The game itself ran in a high tension, both teams are often involved hard collision, even almost pierced the action of both teams prictions. However, the whole match goes interesting until the referee blows the sign of the end of the game.

"We're sorry, our target for this season's championship in a junior competition is off the mark. I as the manager apologize to the Samarinda people, but we are still fighting to the end, our focus now is to pursue third winners against Bali United, we ask for supporters to prayfor these youngster's struggle, " explained the manager of Borneo FC, Awang Darmawan.

After this, Borneo FC Samarinda U-19 still have one match left that is the race for the 3rd place against Bali United U-19. Serdadu Tridatu failed to get to the final after losing 3-2 from Persipura Jayapura U-19. Final match and the race for third place are planned to be held on November 7, 2017 at Mukti Wibawa Stadium, Cikarang. (AHS/KOK)