Defeated by Perseru Serui two days ago did not make the coach team of Borneo FC Samarinda to be disappointed. Positive appreciation was given to the team because the whole team perform optimally. Especially in the goalkeeping sector that finally did not relied only in one name, that is Muhammad Ridho.

Nadeo Argawinata was trusted to appear as a starter. Although conceded three goals, some important rescue done by this 21-year goalkeeper. The match against Perseru was the fourth time he appeared as a starter.

Only brought two backup players, the substitution was maximized. David Ariyanto who deliberately brought to Serui finally able to get his play hours in this season. He replaced Nadeo in the 61st minute.

Under the crossbar, David managed to keep the coach team confidence. During the show, without any opponent's chances to bear fruit.

Entrusting the goalkeeper position on Nadeo and David, Borneo FC's goalkeeper coach Luizinho Passos was proud. He considered, both play vigorously and the responsibility of performing the best performance. "I should appreciate Nadeo and David, they are not awkward when performing," said Luiz.

The Brazilian goalkeeper coach added that David and Nadeo's performance can be maximized because both are always active in training session. The heavy training program that provided were all done by them and both never complained about that.

Ahead to their next game in Bontang, Luiz will see the readiness of his goalkeeper to be selected as starter. Ridho who missed the last game has not been fully guaranteed to perform. "The priority is fixed on the main goalkeeper (Ridho) but who is going to play is determined a day ahead of the game, I hope everyone is ready to play again," added him.

Separately, David who was trusted to appear in the match against Perseru is very grateful to finally feel the atmosphere of the game. It is quite reasonable because almost a season passes, he just trusted to play and had a chance to feel the match athmosphere when there is only two more matches left for Borneo FC.

"Thanks to the coach for trusting in me, hopefully there is a chance to play again in the last two games," he explained.

In the expulsion match in Bontang on November 8th, Borneo FC's coach goalkeeper Luizinho Passos also entrust the main post on Muhammad Ridho. Meanwhile, David Ariyanto is prepared as the back up player.

There is no Nadeo Argawinata's in the group that was brought to Bontang. "Nadeo Argawinata played as starter in the match against Perseru. We need a refreshment so he is not taken to Bontang," said Luiz.

Luiz added that Ridho got hard training session while he stays in Samarinda. He believes the main goalkeeper can hold every opponent's chances and will keep clean sheet. "We need to win, it's better if we do not concede," he concluded. (RIB/KOK)