The postponed match of week 24 Gojek Traveloka Liga 1 this season between Borneo FC Samarinda against Persib Bandung finally continued this afternoon at Mulawarman Stadium, Bontang. As the expulsion match, the game is actually has no effect for both teams, but the two teams will certainly remain offensive.

Both Pesut Etam and Maung Bandung will remain in the middle of Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1 standings despite winning the remaining two matches.

But the prestige and desire to improve the position of each team to make this game still interesting to watch. These two teams clash even make the players ready to perform all-out.

Borneo FC Samarinda is currently in the 9th position with 46 points, while Persib Bandung are in 11th position and 5 points adrift of Pesut Etam. Want to avenge the painful defeat against Persija Jakarta in the previous game will also whack Maung Bandung in this fight. While Yamashita and teams are trying to carve a good result at the end of the competition by winning all remaining games.

Even Borneo FC Samarinda as deliberately preparing for the fight this afternoon with no carrying full power when away against Perseru Serui on Saturday (11/4). It is intended so that the main squad can be more fit in this fight and can achieve victory.

Seeing from the strength of both, Borneo FC Samarinda slightly more benefited with the absence of a tough defender of Persib, Vladimir Vujovic absent due to cards accumulation. Maung Bandung midfield also had to work hard, due to loss of the injured Hariono and Kim Jefrey.

But Borneo FC Samarinda do not want to underestimate their opponent just like that, Assistant Coach of Borneo FC Samarinda, Ahmad Amiruddin firmly asked his team not to return guarded like the previous games. He did not want to think about the strength of opponents who are porous due to not playing the key players Persib. "For Persib, Persib is still a strong team with a deep-rooted history in Indonesian football, so whoever we put on the player remains alert," said Amiruddin, replacing Iwan Setiawan who had to seek treatment during a press conference.

The coach who is usually called Amir added, the position of the standings can not be a benchmark that his team would be easy to bend Persib this afternoon. So become discipline and focus on the game are the main key that must be done by Sultan Samma and his team throughout the game. "Anyone who has a good mentality is going to be a winner tomorrow (this afternoon) .I hope our team can perform according to the coach's instructions," he added.

Preparations have been started, physical, tactical and mental matches have been pumped to the Pesut Etam camp. So overall, all players of Pesut Etam are ready to face the game. "We want to win two games, although the match is held in Bontang but it is a home match for us. (HFZ/KOK)